EXCLUSIVE: Friend of alleged Cosby victim describes dressing room incident to FOX 5

A group of women are taking a stand against comedian Bill Cosby. The cover of New York Magazine is showing 35 women pictured together who have come forward to tell their story of being allegedly assaulted by Cosby.

There is also an empty chair for victims who have not come forward.

Inside the magazine, each reported victim also has an additional portrait and an accompanying article detailing their thoughts on the scandal.

Cosby has denied all allegations.

In a FOX 5 exclusive interview, I spoke with another woman who says she knows of one woman in particular who has not come forward. She believes she saved this woman from a potential attack.

In 1976, Wendy Devore had just arrived in Hollywood to be an actress and was working on Cosby's new television variety show called "Cos."

"I was a sketch player," said Devore. "In other words, I facilitated the comedy sketches, some of the singing and dancing. It was very exciting to be a regular on a television show. It was just a dream."

She worked on the show with a friend, and on one particular day, Devore told us she watched Cosby's assistant, a man known as Mr. Bobo, escort her friend into his dressing room.

"About 20 minutes later, we were getting ready to get dismissed from our rehearsals," said Devore. "About 20 minutes later, I saw her come out and she was holding on to the side of the doorjamb and some other things that were stacked up. I watched her and she was staggering.

"Then I saw Mr. Bobo go over and help her back to the seat that I had initially placed her in when we came. She was sitting there very awkwardly and unable to even sit up straight. I had a nursing background and I recognized something was terribly wrong."

But Devore had no idea what had happened to her friend inside that dressing room. She helped her to her feet and knew she needed to get her home.

"I was stabilizing her when Bill Cosby came over and took her by the other arm," she said. "I had one arm and he had the other and it was like a small tug of war with a person. And he said to me, 'I'll take her with me and I'll send her home later in a cab.'

"I looked at him and I said, 'There's something wrong with her. I need to take her home. I don't think she is feeling well.'

"And he said, 'I'll take her with me,' and I pulled her and I said, 'No you won't.' He looked at me and I said, 'Do I need to call somebody to help us?' He just let go and walked away."

Devore took her friend home and said it was four hours before she could speak clearly. Only later could her friend recount what had happened.

"She said that she had gone into his dressing room, he had offered a glass of white wine," Devore told us. "She had about half a glass of wine when she started to feel really strange and all she could remember was he pushed her backwards and grabbed her blouse, where I could see that it was very disheveled. After that, she had no memory at all of anything that had happened and I took care of her through the night and I went to work the next day and I was fired."

Devore has told this story that she shared with us to attorney Gloria Allred, who represents several of Cosby's accusers, but Devore's friend has not come forward.

We reached out to Cosby's lawyer, Marty Singer, but have not heard back.