EXCLUSIVE: Family of 12-year-old shot in stomach in Prince George's County speaks out

Family members of a 12-year-old girl who was shot in the stomach last week in Prince George's County spoke to FOX 5 Wednesday about her condition and the emotional past few days they've gone through.

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"It’s bad," one family member said. "The kids going to need counseling, the mom needs counseling, my niece is going to need counseling; it’s just bad and there’s no help nowhere. It’s not that we just sad and emotional, we can’t pay bills cause we not working. We got to be at the hospital with her. She’s going to be better but she’s not better now. This is just the beginning."

FOX 5 is told by the family members, who wish to remain anonymous, that the girl's mother is trying to hold up as best as she can, but it is taking a mental toll on her and her other children.

"They're in fear that they're walking to school and they could be shot like their sister," one family member said.

The girl was shot at a shopping center in Coral Hills. She was at a restaurant ordering food when the shooting happened.

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Her family members say there are shootings in that area all the time and something needs to be done about it.

They say they'd like to see an increased police presence there and they'd like more transparency from the police on this case.

"They don’t have no information, no nothing and that’s cool, but you on TV and you talking about children are off limits," a family member said. "Come around the neighborhood, come talk to us let everybody else know that."

"The kids, they’re our future, and right now they don’t have no future because it’s being taken away from them by senseless violence," the family says.


Prince George's County police tell FOX 5 they're still investigating. If anyone has any information on this case, they are encouraged to contact police.