European satellite shares "biblical" image from space

The European Space Agency released a photo taken by their Sentinel-3 satellite that looks like something out of the Old Testament.

The Sentinel-3 satellite recently began providing data to scientists on earth from orbit. It captured an incredible image of the River Nile and Delta and surrounding desert areas of northeast Africa and the Middle East on March 3.

The image shows the River Nile running bright red, reminiscent of the biblical story of Moses! According to scientists, the famous body of water is not actually running red, but is surrounded by vegetation that appears red to the satellite's advanced lens.

Launched on February 16, Sentinel-3 will systematically measure Earth's oceans, land, ice and atmosphere to monitor and understand large-scale global dynamics. The European Space Agency says it will provide essential information in near-real time for ocean and weather forecasting, among other major applications.

Over land, this innovative mission will provide a bigger picture by monitoring wildfires, mapping the way land is used, providing indices of vegetation state and measuring the height of rivers and lakes, complementing the high-resolution measurements of its sister mission, Sentinel-2, according to the European Space Agency.