Edgewood woman charged with arson and attempted murder after setting porch on fire with someone inside

An Edgewood woman has been charged with arson and attempted murder after she intentionally set her front porch on fire while someone was inside early Sunday morning.

Sheriff's deputies were the first to arrive and discovered a fire on the front porch. Deputies were able to extinguish the fire, they discovered the owner, Christina L. Beattie, was inside a neighbor's home. The neighbor reported that Beattie was staying with her after they had responded to an earlier argument between her and another man staying at the home and asked Beattie to stay with her for the evening while the man stayed at the home.


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About 20 minutes later, the neighbor told deputies that Beattie had left, and when she came back to her home, Beattie's home was on fire, and the man was still inside.

Law enforcement was requested to the scene and concluded the fire was intentionally set.

Beattie was charged with first and second-degree arson, first and second-degree malicious burning, and attempted murder. She is currently being held without bond.