Eagles Liberty and Justice reunite, look to put drama of the past behind them

Justice returned to an empty nest Wednesday after weeks spent away. But it seems like he and his longtime companion, Liberty, are trying to put the drama of the past behind them.

For about 15 years, eagles Liberty and Justice raised their eaglets in an oak tree outside the Metropolitan Police Academy in Southwest, D.C.

But in early February, Justice vanished without a trace. During his absence suitors Aaron Burrd and M2 tried to move in and steal away Liberty's affections. Liberty even abandoned eggs she had laid and left the nest with M2. Both returned a few days later.


When it seemed that all hope of a happy family reunion was lost - Justice returned. He flew back to an empty nest Wednesday afternoon. Tommy Lawrence, the managing director at the Earth Conservation Corps, said the two reunited sometime later that night.

"Liberty seems to be mending some wounds with him and just getting over some of the drama," Lawrence said when he spoke with FOX 5. Lawrence said they identified Justice by the distinguishable color patters of his feathers and his reclaiming of a favorite perch.

Lawrence says Aaron Burrd has not been seen in weeks and M2 could possibly find a different home in the D.C. area.