Dogs chained, abandoned outside Clayton County home

Police are investigating a case of animal abuse in Clayton County. Friday authorities were called out to a home on Denson Boulevard.

"Two dogs were chained up outside," Captain Anthony Thuman said. "There was no food there."

One of the dogs did not survive.

"Anytime you see an animal that is literally starved to death you can't help but tug at your heart strings," Thuman told FOX 5.

The other dog is recovering and should be available for adoption in coming weeks.

"This is a horrific case, a disturbing case to every member of my staff," Thuman said.

At a news conference Monday, Captain Thuman told reporters they are looking for Matthew Darnell Jeffreys. Police said he is the last known renter of the home.

"We would like Mr. Jeffreys to call us," Thuman said.

Officials said whoever is responsible may face felony charges.

Anyone with any information on this case is asked to call the Clayton County Police Department.