DMV families brace for new routine as region struggles to slow coronavirus spread

A new daily routine is underway for families across the country and here in our area as children are out of school possibly for weeks while the DMV tries to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

That has many families trying to figure out just how to handle the sudden time off.

Do you get together with other kids or not? 

Some mothers had plans to coordinate a daily routine for their children, call it a group play date and apparently they were shamed on social media for not keeping the kids away from each other.

FOX 5’s Tisha Lewis reports families are doing outdoor activities including visiting Rocky Run Park in Arlington where there’s plenty of options.

Some older students are studying.

“I really don’t know, just doing stuff at home, learning at home and preparing for AP Exams,” said Brooke Harrison, an 18-year-old high school senior.

Harrison is also relaxing.

“I got my nails done today, I’m getting my hair done in an hour. I’m doing everything I can right now before things close,” said Harrison.

Families were also trying to go to the Dolly Madison Library in McLean.  They quickly turned around once realizing it was closed, like several businesses across the area.

What is open? The outdoors.

FOX 5’s Tisha Lewis reports families were walking in neighborhoods and on nature trails and playing sports — from soccer to basketball and even catch.

Several schools across Virginia are closed at least through April 10, some longer.

Some families are creating their own routines that mirror what students are doing in the classroom.

“Everybody has been basically doing things around the house, organizing, wiping stuff down, doing different activities... We did science this morning and later on we’re doing reading and then lunch and just keep on with the routine,” said LaKeisha Brooke, a teacher.

One concern brought to Fox 5’s attention — Some students were unable to retrieve their belongings including school issues lap tops and computers since some districts including Fairfax County, abruptly canceled plans to open campus briefly today for students and families to pick up belongings.