District Dogs employee kicked puppy after dog became 'too energetic': police report

A police report obtained by FOX 5 revealed more details about what happened to a puppy that died after being injured by an employee at a D.C. boarding facility.

According to the report, the dog was kicked by the employee at District Dogs’ Navy Yard location last week. The report also revealed that the employee called the police himself.

The now-former District Dogs employee, who has not been charged, told police he was feeding the dog when the dog allegedly got too energetic and the employee swung at it with his foot, hitting the dog in an "unknown area."

Police say the dog lost consciousness and was taken to a nearby vet but attempts to revive it were unsuccessful.

Humane animal rescue law enforcement is taking the lead on the investigation.

In a statement released Tuesday, District Dogs said it terminated the employee and is working closely with investigators.

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"The District Dogs family is heartbroken over the incident and extends its sincere condolences to the family of the dog, and we grieve their loss at this profoundly difficult time," the statement read.

District Dogs also operated a doggie daycare and grooming facility on Rhode Island Avenue that flooded last summer, leaving 10 dogs dead. It led to many questions about the safety of the area and the 911 response.

While this incident occurred at a different location, it has elicited a lot of chatter on social media. Some tell FOX 5 they haven’t had any issues with these locations while others shared some frustration.

"No dog should be treated in a way that’s going to cause them to die. I mean, that’s the last thing you think when you take your pet to be boarded or daycared. You expect the best care like you would give them," dog owner Margarita Torres said. 

FOX 5 went to the address listed for the now-former employee to get his perspective but were not able to reach him. At this time, no charges have been filed against him. 


"In the early morning of Friday, February 16th, District Dogs leadership was alerted to an incident that occurred in our Navy Yard location. A dog boarding at the location was physically struck by a District Dogs’ employee and, subsequently, died. The dog was transported to a nearby veterinary facility but could not be revived.

District Dogs is fully cooperating with investigating authorities and is committed to continuing to do so. The employee involved has been terminated.

The District Dogs family is heartbroken over this incident and extends its sincere condolences to the family of the dog, and we grieve their loss at this profoundly difficult time.

We will have no further comment at this time."