Despite dire March 4 prediction, Capitol Hill remains quiet

Two months ago - on Jan. 6 - a violent mob had stormed the U.S. Capitol by mid-afternoon despite repeated warnings about an impending attack.

Similarly apocalyptic forecasts warned of a Capitol breach on March 4 – which conspiracy theorists believe is the "true inauguration day" – but as of mid-afternoon, all is quiet on the Hill.

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The events of Jan. 6 prompted the occupation of the nation’s capital by an unprecedented presence of National Guard members – and many of them remain in the Capitol Hill area.

The riot led to the deaths of five people, and halted the Electoral Vote certification that would ultimately cement now-President Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election.

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This week, threats of violence led to the House to cancel Thursday’s session.

The House had been scheduled to be in session Thursday, but moved up consideration of its remaining legislative item, the George Floyd Justice in Police Act, to Wednesday night.

Capitol police said on Wednesday that they’d uncovered intelligence regarding a possible plot by a militia group on Thursday.

Some conspiracy theorists targeted March 4 as the "true" inauguration day, heralding it as the day former President Donald Trump would return to power.

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Police have already requested a 60-day extension for the National Guard presence, underscoring the continuing concerns about security and the potential for violence at the Capitol.