Debate over critical race theory boiling over in Loudoun County school district

A fierce debate has broken out in Loudoun County, with parents speaking out, saying they are very concerned a controversial theory on racism is going to wind up in their children’s classrooms – and they say they’ll take action against the school board if it does.

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The group of parents is taking aim at ‘critical race theory,’ which says that all institutions are racists.  

The debate boiled over when the interim superintendent launched what he describes as an "equity plan." The interim superintendent insists critical race theory is not part of the  curriculum in the district.  

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Virginia’s Republican lieutenant governor nominee, Winsome Sears, is blasting the district. She says it has no place in classrooms.

"Some are distorting it, some are using it to say saying we’re teaching critical race theory or indoctrinating students but our message is about creating a great environment for students in a place where all students feel welcomed and excel," said Interim Superintendent Scott Zeigler.

"God help us, this is coming from liberals who always think they know what’s best for us in the black community and I wish they would stop it, just leave us alone, leave us alone so we can determine our own futures, we’ve got thoughts and ideas for our own children," Sears said.  

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The debate only grew more heated this week when parents packed a Loudoun County school board meeting. Many were incensed that one of the board members described the controversy as "being at war" with some parent. During the meeting, many parents let the board know what they thought of both them, and the controversial curriculum.  

"You cannot tell me what is or what is not racist, look at me, I came to tell you to your face that we are coming together and we are strong," said one parent.

"If you’re going to spend millions to call people in our community racists, you better be able to prove it. Also why is ‘equity’ the answer," another parent said.

But while the superintendent says he’s not teaching "critical race theory," parents are moving to make changes on the Loudoun County Board of Education. They’ve collected 1,500 signatures on a petition to remake the membership of the school board.