Northern Virginia woman bombards internet company with memes hoping to have down cable removed from yard

A woman in Loudoun County says she got so tired of Comcast’s lack of action to remove a down cable in her backyard that she started taking pictures of it and turned them into funny memes while tagging the company on social media in hopes of getting their attention.

Tamra Spink of Hamilton, Virginia spoke with FOX 5’s Ayesha Khan on Wednesday.

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Spink said that a rain storm back on March 28, knocked down what she first thought was a power line. When the power company arrived, they told her it was instead an internet cable. The down cable also stretches into Spink’s next door neighbor’s backyard. 

Spink said the down cable cut her internet service which she says Comcast Xfinity was able to restore right away.

Spink said she has since been calling the cable/internet company, in addition to sending emails and even physically going into one of their brick and mortar stores telling them that they need to send a technician to remove the cable. 

Spink said the company eventually sent a technician who confirmed and acknowledged that the cable is indeed an internet cable but then they left without any follow ups.

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"This cable is still down," said Spink.

Spink has been taking pictures of the down cable for each passing day where she says the company doesn’t show up to fix the problem. 

Spink then turns the photos into funny memes with hilarious captions and then tags the cable company on social media in hopes of getting their attention.

"At some point you just have to laugh," she said. 

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In some of the pictures, Spink pretends as if she’s tight rope walking, or doing the limbo and even got Spider-Man’s animated character to make an appearance with the super hero sliding down the cable. Spink captioned the meme with a quote from the movie, "With great power comes great responsibility." The quote was then followed by Spink’s caption, "Come on Xfinity, get it together!" 

"They are not responsive and I don’t think it’s their fault," Spink said.

"I think their system is designed to deal with outages and this is an outage." 

Ayesha contacted Comcast Xfinity media representatives and she was told:

"We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to make it right for the customer."

When Ayesha asked how they will make it right, a company spokeswoman said they will have someone out there on the same day. 

"I just wanted them to acknowledge it and to fix it and to show up when they are supposed to show up and to be accountable for what they are supposed to provide," said Spink.

"I mean we pay them like $200 a month."

As FOX 5's crew was leaving around 5:30 p.m., they noticed technicians with Comcast Xfinity showing up and beginning work on lifting the cable from the middle of the backyard.