DC's century-old criminal code still stands and so do these weird laws

It was national news when Congress voted to block D.C.'s criminal code bill, the first comprehensive overhaul of the city's crime laws since 1901. 

That means some laws as old as the 1800s are still on the books, as Washington Post Reporter Peter Hermann reported. 

FOX 5 headed out to see what people in D.C. think about some of them, like a rule prohibiting being a "common scold," or a quarrelsome individual. 

"A lot of people in the city would have to move," said one man. 

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There's another law that says it's illegal to ride a horse over eight miles per hour. 

"I literally ride horses, that's crazy, but eight miles is really slow," said one American University student. 


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There's also a law technically still in the code that says playing football or any game with a ball on D.C.'s streets or alleys is unlawful. 

"Certain kids play with certain kinds of balls …  sports …  So, I'm wondering if that might have something to do with it," said one man who was not entirely surprised to hear of the old laws. 

FOX 5 also asked people about a law making it illegal to curse in public.
"Wow, what kind of cursing are we talking about here?" said one man. 

There's even one making it illegal to pass off milk as another beverage if selling it. 

Police definitely won't be enforcing these and many just aren't applicable. They may get thrown out once again when D.C. takes another stab at a new criminal code.