DCPS teacher takes student to meet hero, former first lady Michelle Obama: 'They were absolutely giddy'

(Instagram: Jsnowsees)

A local teacher had an extra ticket to attend Michelle Obama’s book signing at Politics and Prose, so he took one of her biggest fans—a fifth grade student.

Jared Catapano is a fifth-grade teacher at Lafayette Elementary School. Last year, he was 10-year-old Marleigh McKay’s fourth-grade instructor; the pair developed an incredible bond and have remained very close.

According to Marleigh’s mother, Jennifer Snowden-McKay, professor Catapano has played a huge role in helping her find her voice, and is as much an advocate as he is an educator.

And one person that has helped her tap into that magic is Michelle Obama.

She was inspired to run for office in student government because of the example that the Obamas have set. Her mother told FOX 5, to Marleigh, Michelle is the perfect example of strength, intelligence, style and grace—the epitome of black girl magic!

When presented with the opportunity to bring a child with him to meet Michelle Obama at her book signing, Jared and his wife knew the perfect person to invite, Marleigh.

“They were absolutely giddy while waiting in line to meet her.” Jennifer told FOX 5, “Marleigh said was so nervous she almost forgot her name.”

To make it even more special, Jared gave the fifth grader the signed copy of Michelle’s book and in return, she gave him her families’ copy with an inscription of her own.

It read:

"Dear Mr. C, thank you for everything you’ve taught me and all the in depth conversations. Our relationship is very special. I feel like you understand me. It means so much that you are taking me to meet Michelle Obama, she’s one of my biggest inspirations and so are you."

(Instagram: Jsnowsees)

And if that wasn’t enough, the pair also made it onto Michelle Obama’s Instagram stories!

It was truly a special day for the two, a memory that will last a lifetime. 

(Instagram: Jsnowsees)