DC restaurants adjusting to new vaccine mandate

This weekend marked the first with a proof-of-vaccine requirement for most indoor places in Washington D.C.

Fox 5 spoke with a restaurant manager and two operators of restaurants with multiple locations in the District.

All three said, all things considered, the weekend went smoothly for them.

Mari Jones is a manager at Mr. Braxton Bar and Kitchen in Parkview.

Jones says the restaurant checked ID’s and vaccination cards this weekend and only a very small number of customers had to be turned away.

"If they didn’t have their card they were a little upset because even though it was being broadcasted on the news and on social media, I don’t think they fully realized that we’re not playing," Jones said.

Jones added that the restaurant might have even been a little busier this past weekend.

DC’s new COVID-19 vaccination entry requirement begins this weekend

"We were still pretty busy. We had to staff up a little extra to have someone at the door to check, but it was pretty smooth otherwise, business as usual, maybe a little bit more than usual. But it was good," Jones added.

Fox 5 also spoke with the operator of Ted’s Bulletin and Honeymoon Chicken, which opened this weekend.

They, too, reported no major issues. In part, they noticed more of a local crowd this weekend, believing most D.C. residents were familiar with the new proof-of-vaccine requirement.

The District gave a verbal warning to just one restaurant for not requiring proof of vaccine, The Big Board in Northeast.

Thursday, the restaurant’s Twitter page posted, "As has always been the case for us, everyone is welcome. This rule applies yesterday, today and tomorrow. Hopefully we'll see you January 16th."

Fox 5 went to speak with The Big Board manager today, who declined to comment.