DC residents complain of maggots in apartment after man's death

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People who live in a Southeast D.C. apartment building are complaining about maggots in their units.

The day after a man's body was removed from the building, residents started to notice maggots dropping from the ceiling. Now, a week later, they're upset because the place has not been fumigated.

One resident took us inside her second floor apartment and said she has been disposing of the creatures since last Thursday. She shared pictures of the maggots that she swept into a dustpan.

"They were all over this floor right here. They came all the way out here, underneath my bed," said resident Toni Taylor.

She said the maggots came down through a fan and a light fixture in her bathroom.

"They were all in my closet, down here. I even had to take them out of my shoes before I put them on," Taylor said.

According to a D.C. police death report, 64-year-old Lawrence Robinson was found unresponsive inside Apartment 32 on July 9. Residents told FOX 5 they have been unable to get the owner of the building or anyone from the city to fumigate the place.

"We called the Health Department. We called housing. We called the police. We called so many places," Taylor said.

Other residents we talked to complained about pests in the building.

"I have ants. My windows flood periodically. I have leaks in my ceiling. I've seen roaches. I have to bomb my own apartment. No one comes out. You call this number up here, no one answers," said one woman.

A week after her upstairs neighbor was found dead, Taylor said nothing has been done to the apartment.

"They need to get out here and clean it up and everything because this is a hazard and I have health issues and I don't need an environment like that," Taylor said.

FOX 5 placed a call to the number on the side of the building and the D.C. Department of Health, but we have not heard back.