DC police to enforce another wave of Drug Free Zones in parts of northwest, southeast

D.C. police will begin enforcing two new Drug Free Zones in parts of northwest and southeast Washington on Wednesday.

The enforcement will begin Wednesday, April 3 at 8 a.m. and continue until 7:59 a.m. on Monday, April 8 in the following areas:

Third District Boundaries: 

-600-700 blocks of Florida Avenue, NW 

-600-700 blocks of S Street, NW 

-1800 block of 6th Street, NW 

-1800-1900 blocks of 8th Street, NW 

Sixth District Boundaries: 

-Starting from 5055 Benning Road, Southeast to the intersection of Benning Road, Southeast and Southern Avenue, Southeast 

-5000 block of Southern Avenue, Southeast 

-800 block of 51st Street, Southeast 

-Address of 4675 and the 5000 block of H Street, Southeast 

-West Alley, 5000 block of Benning Road, Southeast 

-4660-4666 Hillside Road, Southeast

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Police say notifications of these zones were made overnight and signs were posted early Tuesday morning. Officers will mark each block with barriers, tape, or police officers. Signs will be posted clarifying the rules and how long the zone is in effect for.

As part of the rules, two or more people cannot congregate for illegal drug activity. Failure to disperse could result in arrest, a $300 fine, and / or 180 days in jail.

The second round of the city’s designated Drug Free Zones ended in March with three arrests.