DC Police cracking down on pop-up pot parties

DC Police say the District has been inundated with pop-up pot parties -- underground marijuana sale events advertised on social media -- in recent months.

Two of them, which happened within the last few weeks, have been connected to shootings and police recently shut one down in Georgetown.

DC Police say since the passage of Initiative 71, which makes it legal to possess and grow marijuana in D.C., people are coming up with alleged schemes to sell it illegally.

A common method is getting marijuana in return for a donation where vendors set up tables at restaurants, bars, and private homes.

DC Police sent an undercover detective into the party in Georgetown on March 29, and after meeting a security guard at the top of the stairs and paying five dollars to get into the party, the undercover detective purchased "Forbidden Fruit" marijuana for $40. Police said a portion of it tested positive for THC.

Two shootings linked to pop-up pot parties have happened in the District within the past few weeks.

Police say a man was leaving a pop-up pot party at an Airbnb on 9th Street NW when he was shot for his backpack. Just a few blocks away on Georgia Avenue, a man who was attempting to rob a pop-up party inside a hookah bar was shot and killed by someone inside.

No arrests were made during the pop-up pot party bust in Georgetown, but police say a number of items were confiscated.