DC National Guard activates Guard members ahead of trucker protests

The District of Columbia National Guard is activating 400 Guard members to the city Saturday, in anticipation of expected anti-COVID-19 mandate protest.

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They will be supporting municipal and federal law enforcement agencies during the rally.

This is related to several truck convoys expected to hit the D.C. region next week. The convoys originated in California, and are driving across the country to D.C. 

Some groups plan to rally the same day as President Biden's first State of the Union Address on Tuesday. Other groups may also arrive in the area on Wednesday.

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There have no official participant numbers released, but reports say thousands of people are taking part in the protest.

Spokesperson Mike Litterst told FOX 5 this week, that the National Park Service did receive at least one request to accommodate 1,000 – 3,000 people for a First Amendment event planned for March 1st at the Sylvan Theater.

The groups, which are modeling their protest after similar ones in Canada, are demanding an end to coronavirus mandates across the country.

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Area state, local, and federal law enforcement officials say they will continue to monitor the convoys.