DC lifts boil water advisory for Northeast residents

D.C. officials say the boil water advisory that had affected up to 14,000 residents in Northeast this week is no longer in effect.

The boil water advisory had been effect since Thursday due to possible elevated levels of E.coli bacteria.

The impacted region was approximately:

- East of North Capitol Street

- West of Eastern Avenue

- South of New Hampshire Avenue

- North of New York Avenue

A water main break in the Petworth neighborhood at Spring Road and 13th Street caused a temporary loss of pressure in Northeast D.C. that could have allowed bacteria or other disease-causing organisms to enter the water through cracks, breaks or joints in the distribution system.

D.C. Water says residents in the affected area should take the following steps:

  • Run the cold water taps for 10 minutes (if water was not used at all during the advisory).
  • Discard food or ice prepared with water that was not boiled during the advisory.
  • Consult the owner’s manual to find out how to sanitize appliances and home filtration systems if used during the advisory.

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