DC law requiring scooter to be locked up goes into effect in October

The days of scooters strewn haphazardly around District neighborhoods are coming to a close.

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A law requiring locks on scooters in D.C. will soon go into effect.

Starting October 1, riders in the District will be required to lock their scooters to a bike rack, a sign or a bike/scooter corral.

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When you need a ride, you’ll be able to scan a QR code on the handlebar to release the lock.

After you’ve finished riding, you’ll need to lock the scooter and take a parking verification photo when prompted.

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Riders are asked to avoid locking scooters to:

- Parking meters

- Bus shelters

- Private gates or fences

- Tree

- Capital Bikeshare docks

- Garbage cans

The scooter rental company LIME released a statement, saying: 

"We are preparing to comply with the new lock-to rule and will be able to do so, but we do hope the District will take the opportunity in this moment to expand parking locations like bike racks and parking corrals," said Director of Government Relations, Robert Gardner. "Lock-to works when the infrastructure to support it is there, and we look forward to working with the District to continue building safe streets and micromobility parking infrastructure."