DC family says police fatally shot their pit bull while conducting search at their home

A D.C. family is claiming police shot and killed their dog while carrying out a search warrant at their home.

Kim Dorsey said their pit bull Lucky was a good dog that was protective of his home located in the 5700 block of East Capitol Street in Southeast D.C. They said when police arrived to their home at around 4 p.m. Thursday, officers barged in a back door saying they had a search warrant and asked if there were any drugs inside.

When officers came in, the family said they heard six gunshots and found Lucky bloody and dead in the doorway.

Dorsey admitted that her friend, who was outside the house, was arrested for allegedly having drugs on him. But she said officers did not find any drugs inside her home.

However, a police report said officers found 96 pieces of paper with suspected synthetic marijuana, a scale and $1,500 in cash at the home.

The homeowner said several children were also inside when the shots were fired, but were upstairs. Now, they are mourning the loss of their pet.

"That was my best friend," Dorsey said. "He was overkilled. He was shot six times. It doesn't call for six shots to stop a dog. We were sitting across the bed talking when we heard the shots. They began to scream. All of us were screaming."

The family said they will contact an attorney and plan on filing complaint against officers involved.