DC council to vote on ‘Red Flag' gun laws, sports betting

The D.C. council is set to vote on two high profile issues today - "Red Flag" gun laws and sports betting.

Lawmakers plan to take a final vote on gun laws that would empower police or family members to petition a court to allow for the temporary removal of firearms from a person who could be a danger to themselves or others.

People who fall into that category would include those facing protective orders in domestic violence cases.

Similar laws are already on the books in a number of states, including Maryland.

Another proposed law would ban bump stocks and increase penalties for accessories that allow guns to fire faster and hold more bullets.

The D.C. council is also taking its final vote on whether to legalize sports betting in the nation's capital.

The bill would make it legal to bet on sports at five professional sports venues in the city.

It also gives the D.C. lottery a monopoly over interactive gaming - giving it the power to regulate sports betting and restrict online and mobile competitors.