DC Cherry Blossoms: 2024 peak bloom prediction dates revealed

The 2024 peak bloom prediction dates for the thousands of Japanese cherry blossom trees surrounding Washington, D.C.'s Tidal Basin and National Mall have been revealed!

The National Park Service announced that the trees would reach peak bloom from March 23-26.

Jeff Reinbold, National Park Service superintendent of National Mall and Memorial Parks, made the much anticipated announcement on Thursday. "Determining the dates for peak bloom is one of the great puzzles in the nation’s capital," Reinbold said, adding that long-term forecasts, historical records and the appearance of the trees were all factors considered when trying to determine when the blooms would emerge.

Another factor in the equation has been the unusually warm winters the D.C. region has seen in recent years, prompting the cherry blossoms to reach their flowery peak earlier than expected. 

"Emerging from the warmest January on record, this has been a particularly puzzling year to read the trees and established date for peak bloom," Reinbold admitted.

Reinbold said the cherry trees never reached dormancy, which is used to help determine when the blooms will emerge. He also said the cherry blossom indicator tree, a special tree that reliably blooms ahead of the other cherry blossoms around D.C.'s Tidal Basin, is showing several phases of blooms reflecting the up-and-down temperatures the area has seen.

Peak bloom is defined as when 70% of the blossoms have opened, revealing the magnificent pink and white blossoms. It typically occurs between the last week of March and the first week of April.

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From: FOX 5 DC

The city will celebrate the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival from March 20 to April 14. Fun activities include a kite festival, a cherry blossom 5K and a parade.

The District’s cherry blossoms date back over 111 years to an original 1912 gift of 3,000 trees from the mayor of Tokyo.