DC 911 call center using new technology to pinpoint, send help to caller's exact location

Eighty-five percent of the calls coming into the DC 911 center are coming from cell phones -- as many as 3500 calls a day.

A quarter of those callers don't know where they are -- which can make getting help to the right location a challenge for the 911 call center dispatcher.

A few months ago, DC's 911 call center installed what's called RAPID S.O.S.-- a technology so precise it can pinpoint a caller's exact location.

As an experiment, Jeff Robertson with Rapid S.O.S -- called 911 from inside the center.

"If you could raise your hand we would love to come over to you," said Robertson.

Karen Duke took the call and showed just how precise the technology can be.

A pin shows the cell tower that picked up the call and another shows where the caller really is. A difference of what appears to be several blocks.

"There are times when I get 911 callers who may not know the address or will not be able to give me a particular landmark so the new software here is very informational. It helps my anxiety level as well as the caller and the caller knows that I am getting them the services that they need in a timely manner," said Karen Duke.

Right now, the technology is good enough to detect the altitude a person may be calling from but not the exact floor if they are calling from a high rise.

"If your are in a situation where you do not want someone to overhear you you can text DC 911 and if you are using an iPhone or an Android phone this new technology can pinpoint your exact location." said Duke.