Dan's Cafe parody account issues tongue-in-cheek apology after DC couple gets engaged at the infamous dive bar

A parody Twitter account for Dan's Cafe, the cash-only dive bar in Adams Morgan, issued an apology on Valentine's Day after claims a D.C. couple got engaged at the notorious bar known for their squirt bottles of alcohol. 

"We are aware of an alleged recent incident involving an engagement at our establishment," said Dan's Cafe's parody account in a statement on Twitter. "We are deeply sorry and will do our best to ensure it does not happen again." 

The incident –  the engagement of Jaqlyn Alderete and Cyrus Huncharek – was originally reported in Politico. The pair, who both work in politics in D.C., reportedly got engaged over the weekend at Dan's Cafe. 

It then went viral on Twitter. 

"We understand that we are a safe haven for singles, bad decisions, one-night stands, and other customers simply hoping to forget," said Dan's Cafe's parody account. "Love is not something people want to see in our dimly lit bar and the fact that it seems to have happened around Valentine's Day is all the more sickening." 

The Dan's Cafe parody account says they are taking measures to discourage "future incidents like this" – including cleaning the bathrooms less and leaving the champagne uncorked for longer.