Court docs: Police used social media to help track down suspect in alleged rape near Metro station

Investigators used social media to track down a Montgomery County man accused of raping a teenage girl near the Twinbrook Metro Station in Rockville, according to court documents in this case.

Malachi Raymond was arrested Tuesday night at his home and charged with second-degree rape and fourth-degree sexual offense for an incident that allegedly happened the previous day.

Court documents show Raymond's phone number helped connect police to his email address and ultimately his Instagram page, which provided pictures of him. The 17-year-old victim then identified Raymond in a photo lineup.

Montgomery County police say at around 6:30 p.m. Monday, the victim was riding a Metrobus when the suspect sat behind her. The two talked until the bus stopped at the Twinbrook Metro Station.

Court documents say that is when the 21-year-old forced the victim to walk with him to a nearby parking garage, said he was her boyfriend and then apparently attempted to kiss her. She refused his kiss and that is when he reportedly raped her.

"This young lady came forward, called her mother, reported the incident very quickly and we are happy she was able to come forward in a very expeditious manner and we will prove this in court," said Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office spokesperson Ramon Korionoff.

Raymond is no stranger to the criminal justice system and has had several encounters with law enforcement.

"The District Court judge holding hearings on bond reviews today held Mr. Raymond for $100,000 full cash bond, and this is an appropriate bond for the individual because he is a danger to the community and he should be kept in jail," said Korionoff. "If he is able to post such a bond, he is very likely to come back to court."

The victim's mother said her daughter is undergoing therapy and still recovering from the attack. Family members said they are relieved the suspect was caught.