Contact tracing IDs potential sources of COVID-19 exposure in Arlington County, officials say

Health officials in Arlington County have identified commonly reported potential sources for COVID-19 exposure, according to new contact tracing data recently released.

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Officials interviewed 539 residents who were diagnosed with COVID-19 between November 3 and November 16.

Of those cases, officials say 33 percent reported contact with a known case, 21 percent had that contact with a known case at home and 12 percent had that contact with a known case in the community.

In addition, health officials identified the following sites outside of their homes where cases may have been exposed:

48 percent reported going to work

38 percent reported going to one or more restaurants

12 percent reported going to a gathering (e.g., wedding, funeral, or party)

17 percent reported traveling out of the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia area

7 percent reported going to a gym

Officials added that the areas listed were common locations among Arlington cases interviewed and that it did not mean they were the definitive source for COVID-19 exposure.