Congress moves to strike down DC's 'Death with Dignity' law; Hands Off DC protest held

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A House committee has voted to invalidate the District of Columbia's new assisted-suicide law.

Monday's mostly party-line vote by the House Oversight Committee represented an unusual rebuke of the local District government by Congress. Still, the chances that Congress will strike down the law are slim. The resolution would have to pass the House and the Senate and be signed by President Donald Trump by Friday.

Oversight chairman Jason Chaffetz, a Utah Republican, says the law is "fundamentally wrong." Similar to laws in six states, it would allow terminally ill patients to end their lives with a doctor's help.

The committee vote sparked protests by advocates for District self-rule. If the resolution doesn't pass, Congress could still seek to block the law by inserting language into a spending bill.

Statement released by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser on the passing of H.R. 27 by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee:

"I am disappointed at the egregious action taken by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee today. In passing H.R. 27, the House Oversight Committee, led by Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz, has sent a signal to DC residents that Congress has zero respect or concern for their will or the will of their elected officials. This is yet another attempt by this House committee to trample the autonomy of the DC Government and undermine our local control granted through Home Rule. I thank the members of the committee who voted against the legislation in defense of our democracy. I urge Chairman Chaffetz to allow DC officials to govern DC - and focus on the more pressing issues facing our country. Just as he continues to look out for the self determination of the residents of Utah, I'd expect the Chairman to let us be governed according to our DC values."

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