Concerns over Alex Smith injury cast pall over Redskins organization

There's a cloud hanging over the Redskins this week.

The team is responding today to reports that quarterback Alex Smith is suffering from infection after breaking his leg.

Redskins fans suffered a heartbreaking moment when they saw Smith suffer the injury on Nov. 18.

The season-ending injury occurred more than two weeks ago - and Smith hasn't spoken to the media since.

New reports suggest that he's suffering from post-op infection are causing a lot of concern.

The news of a post-op infection was first reported by the Burgundy Blog.

Orthopedic doctor Ryan MacDonell said if it's true, Alex Smith may need repeat trips to the operating room.

He also may need to have tissue removed and muscle from different parts of his body placed over the wound to help it heal.

In a worst-case scenario, amputation could be a concern.

The Redskins have Tweeted a statement saying that, although it's a serious injury, Alex and his family remain strong.

Smith's injury came 33 years to the day after former Redskins legend Joe Theisman's career ending leg break.