Colorful art canopy inspired by coronavirus pandemic could be coming to DC and you can be a part of it


A massive floating art installation could be making its way to the nation’s capital—and you can be a part of the art!

Made up of messages of hope and action, ‘Change in the Air’ is a large canopy display being created by L.A. based artist Patrick Shearn and his team at Poetic Kinetics, who specialize in large-scale art installations.

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And they need your help to bring this masterpiece to life!

Inspired by the global impact of COVID-19, this installation is so special because it draws on unity by containing thousands of handwritten messages from people all over the world.


“A chorus of voices calling for change is stronger than one voice alone,” their website read.

People are encouraged to post their message on social using the hashtags #WhatIfWeHad or #WhenThisIsOver.

Additionally, you can submit a message online.

The team at Poetic Kinetics will handwrite your messages on streamers and incorporate them in the art display.

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Given the current climate, there is no set date of when the piece might be installed, but their hope is to debut the colorful canopy over the National Mall.

In 2019, the team was commissioned to create a similar piece named ‘Visions In Motion’ to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.