Cold temperatures cause pipes to burst at Prince George's courthouse

Cold temperatures have caused pipes to burst at the Prince George's County Courthouse in Upper Marlboro.

The damage caused an electrical outage at the building and led to its closing on Thursday.

The courthouse will be also closed on Friday as crews work to repair damage and restore power. It is unknown when the repairs will be completed.

County officials say no trials will be held on Friday in either District or Circuit Court.

The Hyattsville location of District Court will be open on Friday and District Court bond hearing will be held there at 1:15 p.m. Circuit Court bond hearings will be held at the Prince George's County detention center at noon.

The Circuit Court Judiciary Services Building and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Unit located in the County Administration Building will be open during regular business hours to serve the public.

A water leak has also temporarily closed the museum at Ford's Theatre in northwest on Thursday..

Located in the basement, crews have isolated the source of the leak and have stopped the incoming water.

Officials have not yet determined a cause of the leak.

The leak hasn't affected any artifacts. Curators with the national park service are on-site monitoring the situation.

No word as to when the museum will reopen.