Clarksburg High School senior gets into 7 of 8 Ivy League schools

Sienna Williams has always reached for the stars, so it's only fitting that she could end up at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying astrophysics.

Williams has several other options though, including Columbia, Harvard, Yale and Brown. She got accepted into seven of the eight Ivy League schools as well as several other prestigious universities including Duke, the University of Maryland and Virginia Tech.

The only Ivy League school she hasn't been accepted to is Dartmouth. She's currently on the waitlist.

Williams is the definition of well-rounded. In addition to her exceptional academic resume, including a 1500 SAT score and a 4.75 GPA, she plays three sports and works part-time at Papa Johns.

She says she hopes to be an astronaut and become the first person to step foot on Mars. She already has a headstart, having completed an internship for NASA.

"Here you have someone that's actually just quiet, just doing what they're supposed to do every day and we need to hype that up more," said principal Edward Owusu.

Williams' mom Daphne Williams is a former math teacher and remains an educator in Montgomery County. Daphne Williams says she hasn't ever doubted Sienna's goals.

"She was an inquisitive child, like always wanted to know something and learn something. and if I didn't have time to teach her right then she would go figure it out herself," said Williams.

Sienna says she hopes to inspire other young people to accomplish their goals as well.

"For me to be able to inspire other kids, especially black females to be in STEM fields is something that's really important to me," Williams said.

Williams has several college visits coming up and although she's leaning toward MIT, she says she will weigh all her options before a May 1 deadline.