Chipotle to pay DC $300K in settlement over child labor allegations

Chipotle Mexican Grill will pay D.C. $322,400 after allegations the popular chain violated the District's child labor laws hundreds of times over the last three years. 

Attorney General Brian L. Schwalb's office says Chipotle allowed employees under the age of 18 to work past 10:00 p.m., more than eight hours a day, more than six days in a row in one week, or more than 48 hours in one workweek. The investigation claims to have found over 800 potential violations since April 2020. 

"We applaud young people who take the initiative to work in addition to going to school. But the law limits the hours they can work to ensure they are healthy, well-rested, and able to fulfill their responsibilities as students and to their families," said Schwalb in a statement. 

Chipotle, which operates 20 fast-casual restaurants in D.C., cooperated with the investigation and worked with Schwalb's office to develop a plan to comply with child labor laws. 

Along with the fine, Chipotle also agreed to a new training and workplace compliance plan. A portion of the $322,400 will go to a youth apprenticeship grant, according to the OAG's office. 

Read the full settlement below.