Cherry blossoms experience frost burn after freezing temperatures in DC

The National Parks Service says there is scattered frost burn on some cherry blossoms as a result of freezing temperatures Monday night.

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The National Park Service said the cold temperatures could actually help prolong peak bloom, so long as temperatures stay above 27 degrees. However, National Park Service spokesperson Mike Litterst told FOX 5 on Monday said temperatures of 24 degrees and below are critical and could mean a 90% loss of the blossoms.


The peak bloom timeframe for the cherry blossom trees typically lasts anywhere from a week to 10 days. Litterst said fans of the trees and their blossoms have been lucky this year to have a full week of peak bloom and said the return of large crowds to the Tidal Basin made it feel like a pre-pandemic event.

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FOX 5's Mike Thomas says the bigger concern now is likely the winds. With the pedals now in peak bloom and exposed, it does not take much wind to bring down some of those pedals. 

The good news is our sun angle continues to increase daily, and average high temperatures have reached the lower 60s. 

We are also only three weeks away from average highs reaching the 70s. This week, we may see some 70s, though it is likely to be a short-lived warmth.

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By Thursday evening, another strong cold front will sweep our region and, if temperatures do get as warm as expected, a line of thunderstorms with some gusty and potentially damaging winds will be possible.