Changes on the horizon for Virginia drivers

Big changes could be coming to roadways in Virginia. Democratic leadership has proposed a wide-ranging transportation bill that covers everything from the fees you pay to whether you can use your cellphone in the car.

If passed, the bill would also bring speed cameras to certain roads in Virginia for the very first time. They’d work just like speed cameras in many other jurisdictions. If drivers pass one while traveling more than 10 miles over the speed limit, they’ll snap a picture and the driver will be sent a fine.

Reactions were mixed among Virginia drivers Wednesday night.

“I think it’s more of a money grab than it is more of a security issue,” John Sullivan said.

“I drive the speed limit so it really doesn’t effect me, and the people who don’t, then maybe it’ll effect them,” explained Shayan Malik.

Other items in the transportation bill include a gas tax increase, a vehicle registration fee decrease, people would no longer be able to hold a cellphone while driving, and police could pull people over for not wearing their seatbelt.

Significant changes could still be made to the bill in the coming weeks.