Cement shortage impacting development in DC

The supply chain crisis is impacting industries nationwide and the Washington, D.C. area is no exception.  

Several suppliers say a cement shortage is creating challenges for builders. It’s reportedly impacting how much they are able to pour on any given day.

The labor shortages nationwide are likely having a trickle-down effect. However, FOX 5's Tisha Lewis several local cement companies haven't had many issues. 

Garcia & Sons Concrete in Annandale, Virginia says it’s business as usual.  

Those who are feeling the cement supply crunch point to the real estate market combined with the labor shortage as a possible cause.

One builder says they’re doing about "60%" of the jobs they could do based on the cement shortage.  Cement is the core ingredient used to make concrete, so subsequently, any cement shortage could impact the concrete accessory supplier industries as well.