Carrollton police officers help out family in need

Members of the Carrollton Police Department are being praised for helping out a family in need over the weekend.

Kyle Buchanan, who works as an overnight customer service manager at Walmart, shared a picture with FOX 5 of six Carrollton police officers smiling next to a woman and two children. According to Buchanan, the officers pulled into the store's parking lot around 12:30 a.m. Saturday and escorted the family inside.

"They bought them some clothes and toys for Christmas," Buchanan said.

One of the officers told one of Buchanan's associates the family had arrived at the police station earlier that night with nowhere to go. That's when the night-shift team came together and decided to step in.

"They leapt into action, taking the family shopping, bought them dinner and put them in a hotel," Buchanan said. "All on their own dime."

Buchanan said it was nice to see police officers going above and beyond the call of duty.

"And actively, personally, and positively affecting the community," Buchanan said. "God bless the Carrollton Police Department!"

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