Carrollton business owner arrested for murdering nearby business owner

One Carrollton business owner is under arrest and charged with the murder of another nearby business owner.

What motivated the owner of a vape business to murder the owner of a tropical fish store is still a mystery. The two businesses are only one block from each other.

Police said Alfred Armour, 37, was shot and killed at his business, Dynamic Reef Systems, early Saturday morning.

Armour arrived at his business Saturday after a series of suspicious incidents in the previous days. On Thursday, he discovered he'd been burglarized. His front door was broken, and an iPad was stolen, along with a very small amount of cash from the register.

On Friday nearby businesses had a power outage and one business owner discovered his cameras were disconnected.

"From the things happening around here, electricity going off, disconnecting our communications on the roof, cameras being cut on the other building, boxes, communication boxes, it seems like they were casing the place, but it seems really specific for that suite, that they guy targeted Al and that suite," said nearby business owner Mark Little.

On Saturday, Armour received an another alarm call at 1:15 a.m. Police came out and saw that this time the burglar smashed in a window to get in. The power was out and several of Armour's fish tanks were smashed, but nothing was stolen.

Police left about 2:30 a.m., but Armour stayed to wait for a maintenance man to board up the front window. When maintenance arrived two hours later, the victim's truck was outside running but Armour was not at the business. Police were called.

"They found the back door open, a pair of flip flops on the ground that told us something had happened in the back of the building," said Sgt. Brian Box, Carrollton police.

Later police got a tip that led to Andrew Steven Gibson, 23. Police arrested him Saturday night at his own business, Vaporkick, just one block away from the victim's business.

"He was very forthcoming with all the information, the only thing he didn't remember was where the body was," Box said.

Gibson told detectives that he dumped Armour's body in flower mound. With the help of cadaver dogs, police found the body in a wooded area at the end of a street lined with upscale houses.

Gibson does not have a criminal record and a police spokesperson didn't know if the two men knew each other or not.