Calvert County community rallies around stranded neighborhood

Earlier this week, Earle Kirkley was at a loss after high water in the midst of Isaias washed out his neighborhood’s lone road the rest of civilization.

The Kirkleys were one of six households left stranded after strong rain and wind from the storm blew a 60-foot gap in the middle of the road.

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But after FOX 5 featured them, the community rallied.

“The response has been pretty phenomenal,” Kirkley said. “I was getting ready to come to work and I got a photo from one of my neighbors saying this is our road and I thought it was a joke.”

Kirkley said local companies helped out, including a construction company putting in a walking bridge.

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It took just four hours for contractors and community members to build the bridge. The beams, railing and lumber were all donated by local companies.

“It feels good, I mean it gives me goosebumps to know that I was able to do something. Luckily for me I work for a great company. They were able to give us the opportunity to do this,” said Ryan Stadig of J. Keen Construction.

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The families say the local tractor supply company donated a wheelbarrow and metal chains to help with their existing pully system.

Kirkley says the generosity shown by the community touches his heart – but he knows the road ahead is still unfinished.

“Our biggest problem is there are six families six farms on this bridge. We have several people with medical conditions That need a routine medical care. And so the road is essential. And we talked about what happens with the house catches on fire we can’t get any emergency help. So really the GoFundMe page is a big help because that’s going to help us six families we received estimates of over $100,000 to fix this. Six families can’t do that,” he said.

If you have the tools or the know-how to chip in with Kirkley's community, you can reach him at this email address.

To make a financial contribution, click here to reach their GoFundMe page.