Calvert Co. Sheriff's Deputy body cam captures potentially deadly moments of traffic stop (VIDEO)

Intense moments are captured by a Calvert County Sheriff's Deputy body cam as a routine traffic stop becomes potentially deadly.

In just one day online, the shocking body cam video released by Calvert County Sherriff's office has been viewed 60,000 times.

The June 18 traffic stop begins as normal but becomes alarming in a matter of seconds, as a driver stopped by the officer comes out of the car with a gun in his hand.

"What do you got behind your back? I'm sorry. Put it on the ground! Put it on the ground! Put it on the ground now."

Calvert County Sheriff's Office says in their post of the video on Facebook: The driver "opened the driver's side door with one hand and kept his other hand concealed behind his back. When asked what was behind his back he chambered a round and produced a 9mm handgun. The deputy drew his handgun, sought cover, and began to give verbal commands."

The suspect's nine-millimeter handgun turned the traffic stop into a life-or-death situation for this officer, who orders the suspect to the ground and radioes for backup.

"Seven up. Calvert. We got a 10-32."

The Sheriff's Deputy slowly backs away gun still pointed at the suspect and takes cover behind his cruiser.

"Put the gun down. Put the gun down. Put it down."

Deputies responding to secure the area create a perimeter.

"Put the gun down. He's got it to his head."

The Sheriff's Deputy's body cam video does not show the entire stop, but Calvert County Sheriff's Office says that the suspect was peacefully apprehended.

"This video is a representation of an event that has the potential to happen at any time to a deputy while working. Deputies have been trained to handle situations like this," said Calvert County Sheriff's Office.

FOX 5 reached out the Sheriff's Office for additional comment and information about the suspect but did not hear back.

In the post on Facebook, Sheriff Mike Evans said "I am proud of the deputies in this situation. They showed great restraint and relied on their training to resolve the situation."

The post brought in strong reaction and emotional comments on all sides of the debate.

Dennis Clark commented: "This officer was lucky, this time. Hesitating will get you shot."
Stephen Jones described it as: "A scary couple of minutes handled in a professional manner by one of your well-trained deputies... Congratulations on a job well done."