Buzz off! Swarm of bees takes over parked car in Fairfax County

This could have been a real STINGER! No one expected to find this swarm of bees taking a break on a car earlier this week in a parking lot in Fairfax County.

Firefighters say an office worker spotted the swarm and called them for help on Tuesday. They responded and determined that the bees were using the car as a resting point while waiting for their scouts to find them a new home.

Pretty elaborate explanation you might be thinking! But un-BEE-lievably enough -- Captain David Weand from Station 23 is West Annandale, the company that responded, is a hobbyist beekeeper! He said the building manager contacted a local beekeeper who was able to respond and capture the bees instead of killing them. No injuries were reported.

Swarms like this are usually docile and typically won't sting, Captain Weand said. "They are full of honey and saving their energy to build a new home. Bees will follow the pheromones of their queen and make a ball around her," he added.

In other words -- they're usually well BEE-hived!