Brawl breaks out at large underage house party in Sterling; deputy injured

Empty bottles and cups littered lawns at a suburban neighborhood after a large party broke out in Sterling.

It was loud, crowded and it caused the authorities to show up. The call came in around 1:50 a.m. Tuesday.

"The party was apparently causing some ruckus out there," said Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman.

A sheriff's deputy responded to the home on Compton Circle. The call had been a noise complaint, but it turned out there was also a fight underway involving several people. The party quickly broke up after that.

"When law enforcement shows up, that often happens," said Sheriff Chapman.

Deputies arrested 20-year-old Stephen MacLean and charged him with underage drinking. A person at the house on Wednesday did not want to comment. Neighbors say the party spot was at MacLean's father's home.

A day after the party, red Solo cups were still stuck in storm drains while potted plants were knocked over and empty wine bottles littered on manicured lawns.

"You have to consider the neighborhood and how inconsiderate it is to have a party and let it get out of control," Chapman said. "It's one thing to have people over and have a good gathering. It's a whole other thing to have a party that gets out of control."

The deputy that responded to the scene suffered minor injuries. He was treated and released from the hospital and cleared to go back to work.