Boil Water Advisory for some northeast DC neighborhoods after water main break

A weekend water main break triggered a Boil Water Advisory for some northeast D.C. neighborhoods.

The break was reported Sunday on V Street between 33rd and South Dakota Avenue.

Crew were able to repair the break and are now flushing water through the system.

DC Water is collecting samples and testing the water supply.

They issued the Boil Water Advisory Sunday advising customer to boil water first before using it for drinking or cooking if they are in the impacted area. These areas include the neighborhoods of Fort Lincoln, Woodridge, and Langdon.

Officials say the impact area is generally:

East of Montana Avenue

West of Eastern Avenue

South of Rhode Island Avenue

North of New York Avenue

Customers in the impacted area should:

Discard any beverages and ice made before and during this advisory.

Run cold water until clear (if discolored) prior to boiling.

Run cold water for 2 minutes if known sources of lead are present prior to boiling.

Bring water to a rolling boil for 1 minute and let it cool.

Store cooled water in a clean, covered container.

Cooled, boiled water or bottled water should be used for:


Brushing teeth

Preparing and cooking food

Washing fruits and vegetables

Preparing infant formula

Making ice

Giving water to pets

Do not use home filtering devices in place of boiled or bottled water.

DC Water advises customers to search their address on the interactive map or call the 24-Hour Command Center at 202-612-3400 to determine if they are in the impact area of this advisory.