Bob Anderson edges out victory over Buta Biberaj in Loudoun County Commonwealth's Attorney race

After a week of counting, there’s a winner in the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney race.

Incumbent Democrat Buta Biberaj has lost to Republican Bob Anderson by 300 votes.

Anderson previously held the office 20 years ago. 


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FOX 5 was outside the elections office when workers finished counting the last 300 ballots by hand Tuesday afternoon.

Elections officials worked for days to finish tallying up the votes. 


Votes still being counted in Loudoun County Commonwealth's Attorney race

It's been nearly a week since Election Day, and in northern Virginia, some votes are still being counted.

Samantha Shepherd with the Loudoun County Office of Elections told FOX 5: "We are finished. We are waiting for the certification. Our electoral board is working on signing abstracts, and reviewing paperwork." 

These results are still in the process of being formally finalized, but the votes are done being counted.

Anderson finished with 68,068 votes; Biberaj, with 67,768. 

FOX 5 caught up with Bob Anderson at the elections office Tuesday, and asked him how he felt as the count continued. 

"As it went on, I didn’t give it a lot of thought, because I didn’t want to get myself wound up," he said. "I thought that as it got closer, I was anxious. There’s no question about it. I wanted to get it over with."

Anderson claimed victory the day after election day.

In a statement sent to FOX 5, Biberaj's campaign manager Shannon Sankey said: "This is the closest Commonwealth’s Attorney’s race in Loudoun history. Following the canvass process, Buta trails by just 300 votes out of more than 136,000 votes cast. This 0.22% deficit puts our campaign well within the margin for a recount in Virginia. Our campaign is reviewing the results and we expect to make a decision shortly on our next steps. Buta remains committed to protecting democratic rights and ensuring that every Loudoun resident’s vote is counted."