Bird poop causing big problems in Arlington neighborhood

Little birds are causing a big problem in Arlington.

"It's disgusting," Alexandra Lujan said of the issue. "Every time I walk my dog in the morning, it's just fresh bird doo everywhere," added Khalil Doles.

As previously reported by Arlington Now, this time of year out by The Village at Shirlington, there's bird poop on the sidewalks, on the buildings, on the plants, on the parking meters, on the signs … you get the point!

"When I walk my dog at night I carry an umbrella," David Lage said Monday. "I look crazy to the new people and then they walk their dog a couple times and they're like, ‘oh that's why he has an umbrella.'"

Catherine Sevcenko, executive director of Northern Virginia wildlife rehabilitation organization Diva Crows, said she's not surprised.

Sevcenko told FOX 5 that crows do like to gather in the Shirlington area in the winter, although they aren't the only ones to blame, joining sparrows, starlings, pigeons, and more.

Sevcenko also said this has been an annual issue for years, that you can't do much about it, and therefore, she recommended patience and a power washer for those who live and work nearby.

"Where you have a lot of restaurants put together, you're gonna have a lot of birds put together and birds poop," Sevcenko said, adding that she does expects the crows to leave the area imminently if they haven't already, although they will return next winter.

That'll be far too soon for some who live nearby.

"It was in my daughter's hair," Lujan said. "My husband actually was just walking to the store and he has a big bird dropping on his back. It's gross."