Bill introduced to recognize pregnant women as 2 people, allow them to drive in HOV lanes in Virginia

A Virginia state legislator has introduced a bill that would recognize pregnant women as two people, allowing them to drive in the HOV lanes.

The bill says the Department of Transportation would be required to establish a process where a pregnant woman could certify that she is pregnant and have that information linked to her E-ZPass.

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If the pregnant woman is not traveling in a toll lane, she must provide proof of pregnancy when stopped by a law enforcement officer.

The information collected by the Department of Transportation would be exclusively used for enforcing HOV lane requirements and would not be open to the public, sold or disclosed to any entity other than a court of law.

The information would also be purged one year after certification of pregnancy is made to the Department. 

If the pregnant woman notifies the Department that she is no longer pregnant, the Department shall purge all data related to such pregnancy within 24 hours.