Biker accused of sparking NYC roadway melee pleads guilty

NEW YORK (AP) -- A motorcyclist accused of touching off a bloody, caught-on-video confrontation between bikers and an SUV driver in New York City has pleaded guilty to assault and rioting.

Christopher Cruz pleaded guilty Wednesday. He expects a four-month jail sentence.

His lawyer, H. Benjamin Perez, says Cruz "did what he thought was right for him and his family." A conviction could have meant more time behind bars.

Bikers Allen Edwards and Edwin Rodriguez pleaded guilty earlier. Several others, including an undercover police detective, are heading toward trial.

Police say the September 2013 encounter began when Cruz slowed down in front of the SUV on a Manhattan highway.

The SUV bumped the bike. Motorcyclists converged on the vehicle. The driver fled and ran over a biker.

Other motorcyclists chased down and attacked the driver.

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