Bei Bei on the mend after bowel obstruction surgery

The Smithsonian National Zoo says Bei Bei the panda cub is on the mend after undergoing a surgery to remove a "lemon-sized mass of bamboo" from his small intestine.

The zoo provided an update over the weekend on the cub's condition, writing that Bei Bei was responding to his mother, Mei Xiang, and that he has "successfully nursed three times thus far."

"As of this morning, Bei Bei has taken his medications, urinated well and both Mei Xiang and Bei Bei are happily sleeping in their indoor enclosures," the zoo wrote on Facebook.

Bei Bei was taken to a veterinary hospital on Friday after showing signs of stomach discomfort and nausea on Thanksgiving. He later underwent surgery to remove a bowel obstruction and has been under observation since.

"Our animal care team really appreciates your messages and well wishes for Mei Xiang and Bei Bei," the zoo wrote. "We can't do this work without you!"

Yesterday in the late afternoon, Mei Xiang and Bei Bei began to respond to each other's vocalizations. Bei Bei actively...