BB gun sparked Capital Pride chaos, according to DC police report

A man drawing a BB gun on another person sparked panic at Dupont Circle in the midst of the celebration following Saturday's Pride Parade, according to a D.C. police report that was released on Sunday.

The chaos at Dupont Circle sent at least seven people to local hospitals as they were injured by other people running from the scene.

D.C. police and city officials stressed Saturday night that no shots were fired, and there was no active shooter on the scene as news of the incident sped across social media platforms throughout the District and beyond.

According to the police report, 38-year-old Aftabjit Singh told them he drew the replica gun during an exchange between his significant other and an unidentified person.

An officer at the scene began investigating after he saw a number of people running from the scene.

According to the arrest report, the officer was flagged down by a person who pointed out the suspect, saying he had a gun. The person also pointed to a brown bag lying under a tree, which was partially open, exposing what appeared to be a silver handgun.

The officer reportedly saw Singh moving toward the bag with the BB gun in it, prompting him to approach the suspect.

While he was being taken to a police vehicle, Singh allegedly threatened to "shoot" someone at the parade.

Police charged Singh with:
- Possession of a prohibited weapon
- Possession of a BB gun
- Carrying a dangerous weapon
- Disorderly conduct