Armed suspects ran into vehicle, carjacked victims when they pulled over to check damage, DC police say

D.C. police are investigating a weekend carjacking in Northwest

According to a police report, four armed suspects stole a car that had three people inside around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday. 

Elise, her boyfriend Harry, and her sister told police they were at a red light in their BMW at Foxhall Road Northwest and Whitehaven Parkway when suddenly a gray Lexus with temporary Virginia tags bumped into them.

Elise's boyfriend gets out to exchange insurance info, and that's when she says four masked men jump out pointing guns, ordering her and her sister out of the BMW. 

Two of the carjackers hop in the car — which had the victims' belongings inside, including their phones, wallets, and jewelry — and the other two get back into the Lexus, and drive off down Whitehaven Parkway NW.


Rise in DC carjackings linked to repeat juvenile offenders, police data shows

Alarming statistics show more than 800 carjackings have occurred so far in 2023, compared to a little over 400 at this same time in 2022.

"It took me a moment to realize what was going on because they came so quickly. I think I was in complete shock at the time," Elise said. 

"We're warning all our friends and everyone that this could happen," her boyfriend added. "Unfortunately, it happened to us, and we're trying to stay as calm as we can and deal with the shock, the numbness of the events." 

The three stolen cell phones were recovered within the 4700 block of Whitehaven Parkway, NW, and the stolen vehicle was recovered in the rear of 5100 Southern Avenue, SE – thanks to an Airtag Elise said she hid inside. 

Anyone with additional information on this case should contact MPD.